Restaurant Marketing

Grow your SNAP business, restaurants need marketing.

This page was created by an Independent Business Owner utilizing the Snap Delivered Delivery System and platform.

Restaurants want more customers and so do we!

Some of the best singers are much like starving artist. They have a great voice yet they struggle to pay the bills. Why? They do not have the proper marketing in place to be hired or discovered.

To grow a restaurants customer and delivery business we have many resources. The more tools you use determines the growth of YOUR commission checks.

1. Window Clings
Begin with signage. Ask to place a Window decal on one or more locations. Main entrance. Other entrances.
2. Table Tents with your information.
2. Printed Signage can be placed under table glass.
3. Card handouts at check out.

Email Campaigns Only a fraction of restaurants have active email list or campaigns. Provide them with content for active campaigns. The restaurant can use their own referral code which can attract not only customers but drivers as well. Encourage restaurants to get their own personal registered as drivers.

Social Media
Content, Content and more Content!. For those who work to master social media are those who can grow their customer base constantly. Many use multiple social media outlets. People use many platforms and ways to connect and network. Their are numerous ways to do so. Below are a few of the most used. Approximately 2 billion users used social networking!
1. Facebook 2. Instagram. 3. Snapchat. What’s App 4.Twitter 5. Pinterest and many more!

Facebook/Google – Ads
Running ads on Facebook or Google can generate leads for Drivers, Customers, and Managers. If you don’t have experience in running ads, we recommend you visit YouTube and type in a search for, “how to run Facebook ads”. Paid ads are best and can be done with a minimum about of funding. Ready to learn? Learn about Facebook ads now. Click HERE

FaceBook / META Pages
FB Pages are another must for businesses. Many users search on FB to discover what they are looking for. If a business does not have or should the page not be up to date this is something you can bring up to the restaurant management with suggested edits. Go to this link or choose another video of you interest to learn how to create/edit facebook pages.

Facebook Messaging
Take a look at a message I sent to a restaurant and the reply.

“Delivers coming to your area! NO Commission! NO Menu Markup! No Contract! We will be dropping off or mailing a detailed information pack. Visit and Register at:
The reply was…
lets go bring it!!! Call xxx xxxxxxxxx @ 615-xxx-xxxx

When messaging on FB.. know the rules: I do not condone spamming. Send a few at a time seems to be ok. but if you try sending to many you will be banned from sending messages for a day or two.. so be gentle when using this method.
Messages you can send to learn more about them before you visit.
Are you still delivering? Who are you using? and my chosen offer as above:.

Google Business Profile / Google Profile Manager
Local businesses need to list or update their Google Business profile so they show up in the map listing and the organic listing below the map. The goal is to be as close to or at the top of a search when customers are searching for their type of restaurant. .Bigger businesses with multiple locations use, “Business Profile Manager”. Smaller businesses with a single location use, “Google Business Profile”
It is up to US, to help each restaurant we register is updated or makes sure their listing is updated. Again, this is where YOU come in to help them do this. You will find that some businesses have never takes these important steps.
Has the business been claimed? If not you can help them.

1. Go to Google.Com Search the business name.
On the right side look for, “Own this Business”? Click on it. If the business has registered with Google, a message will come up stating, “this business has been claimed”. If not the business can be registered. Google will mail a post card to the address provided to verify ownership. The card will have a website to visit and put in the code provided. That takes about 5 business days to show up in your snail mail box. Instructions will be provided once the verification code has been provided.
Restaurants can EDIT their chosen delivery company’s they wish to do business with.
So, we want to make sure each business we register has all of their content up to date. You will learn more details as you get involved in this very important avenue for customers to discover the restaurant and ORDER delivery!

This page was created by an Independent Business Owner utilizing the Snap Delivered Delivery System and platform.