Restaurant Training

This page was created by an Independent Business Owner utilizing the Snap

Delivered Delivery System and platform.
Restaurant Know-How!
Prepare to succeed !

Look the part be the part!

As with any business it is important for you to DRESS for SUCCESS!
(Blue Jeans are OUT)!

Walk in with Confidence! You are on a mission to succeed!
Your primary objective it to speak to someone and share our offer to. You want to get them registered on the spot or arrange for the next visit when necessary.

You are NOT asking for any money! Let them know that! Explain that the area has launched or the prospective launch date etc. (Beginning of or end or, “Month”.

Folder in Hand

Folder in hand

I walk into restaurants with a folder in my hand and a tablet.

Usually the staff asks, “Can I help you”? I reply, YES, I am with Snap Delivered. I am here to speak with the Owner/Manager. Is the he/she here?
A trained staff member will ask, “What is this about” or “the owner is not here”.
I ask to see the Owner or Manager. When they arrive and introductions are complete, I have learned if they are the owner, and if not, I find out if they are a decision maker.

We have selected your restaurant for FREE Registration!

We have selected your restaurant to add to our list of local restaurants for delivery.


Restaurants are joining us because:

FLAT FEE of just $2.00 for each delivery.
No percentages marked up. YOU can control your MENU.
Their are NO Contracts so you can quit at any time for any reason.
We have no protected territories/exclusivity.
Another thing is you get YOUR OWN MERCHANT ACCOUNT. You money is deposited directly into your bank on orders. WE DO NOT HOLD YOUR MONEY and pay you out later like most of the others. (other companies hold your money and pay you AFTER they take their percentage on their time table)!

You may be aware that other companies mark up menus 20- 30% or higher other hidden charges. Customers do see these price increases and many do not like that and may be resistant to becoming a loyal customer. Repeat the customers are aware of higher prices and may not stay loyal.

If they are using other delivery companies we will be able to save this restaurant thousands of dollars a year in delivery fees! Either way we will HELP this restaurant, MAKE MORE MONEY!

Marketing the Restaurant

We want to help you get more customers and orders with our marketing materials.
We have several ways that together we can increase your business!

BE SPECIFIC! Tell them we have:
A door Cling for the main doors
Scannable cards to pass out at the registers
Table toppers and other marketing materials ready to print and display. (They pay for the materials).
and much more!

The Close

We learn to, “go with the flow” as we have experience after arriving. The more times you try, the easier it is to fly!

Begin to close them… So ………….. REPEAT
“Our ONLY CHARGE is $2.00! All we want to do now is get your registered into our system so that in a (couple of weeks or later) can start making more money!

Get them registered (same day if possible)!

YOUR Mission is to get them registered into the SNAP system!

What do you need to do once they say yes?
1. Fill out the registration form.
Take a picture of the registration in case something goes wrong.
2. Learn which menu they have is the one we should use. Some have multiple services, Uber eats, Door Dash etc.
some menus are market up and you can suggest that they can go back to regular pricing. Prices can be edited once they finish registration. You can do that or they can. (ask them to do it so you don’t have to!

Go to their facebook page and find their menu of choice and send a link to

Learn if they have a png. of their logo. If not you can get it from FB or another source. Send that to Support.
Make sure their is NO background on the logo.

Marketing Materials

It is very important that you explain marketing options and recommendations
Locate my marketing page on this website.

A few options are:

1. A window Cling to put on the main door or doors. (We deliver with Snap).
2. Table tents or index sized cards to place under the glass on each table/seat.
3. Cards for customers to take home with an offer to get the app.. maybe a free appetizer etc. Place these at checkout points.
4. Ads on the APP. (ask)
5. Ads on Facebook etc.

Visit the Pro Shop for Merchandise and Marketing Materials

This page was created by an Independent Business Owner utilizing the Snap Delivered Delivery System and platform.