Customer Referrer

SNAP has two types of Customers – Non-Members & Members.
Become a Customer Referrer with SNAP and earn commissions!
As a Referrer you will earn a 20% commission on both Non-Members and Members.

Non-Members pay a flat rate fee of $5.00 per delivery.
You (the referrer) will earn $1.00 for each delivery.
How many customers will you refer?

Members register and pay a monthly fee of $10.00 for unlimited deliveries.
You (the referrer) will earn $2.00 per Member Per Month.
Members do not pay the $5.00 Delivery Fee
Members still pay Fuel Fees, Mileage, and all other taxes and fees.
How many Customer Members will you refer?
You can also earn commissions by referring Restaurants and Drivers.

This page was created by an Independent Business Owner utilizing the Snap Delivered Delivery System and platform.